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February Wig Stands

Wig Stands from the President's Challenge

Spring President’s Challenge

This is a friendly reminder that we will be making Bravery Bead Bowls due at the May Salon on the 9th of May
We will have a small gift for every entry, as well as prizes for 1st, 2nd & 3rd as chosen by our Salon Judge. He will be one busy guy that night!
Please see the guidelines for instructions – although it is up to your imagination, a similar task as our wig stands.

All Day Humber Demonstration

Sunday April 28th Kai Muenzer from Alberta
Kai Muenzer
will be presenting and demonstrating
Fine Art WoodTurning
Almost classical shape
More examples may be seen on his web-site

This event is FREE to those WGO members that did NOT attend the fall Humber event
To book your place please contact John Buccioni

 Next General Meeting:
May 9th 2019

This is our annual Salon; so bring all of your great creations and win as many ribbons as you can
here's an update on this year's event
Best of Luck (and skill) to everyone
Read the rules here

Next Skills Night meeting:April 25th 2019

We will be going back to the basics and turning beads, coves and V grooves. Please take some time to practice before the meeting and view the following videos:
Stuart Batty – Beads and Coves (uses a spindle gouge)
John Lucas – Turning a cove: (uses a parting tool, spindle gouge, skew chisel, scraper)
Ron Brown – Beads and coves using a spindle gouge
Bob Paros – Making a beading tool from a spindle gouge that's become too short to sharpen in a jig

Safety rules will be rigorously enforced.

Send ideas for this or any future skills night to:  Richard

Click on "Techniques" for all skills night projects now hosted by

The Woodturner's Workshop
Brian Clifford's woodturning resources

This site was built by Brian Clifford over many years and features many articles, plans and videos that are of interest to novice and advanced woodturners alike. Brian has decided to retire and was going to allow the site to lapse; however, the WGO has agreed to host it on his behalf to ensure this great resource continues to be available. Please have browse and enjoy it here

New Sticker

General 160-2 lathe for sale

Apr. 4 2019

Newlove Estate Items for Sale


Articles on Dust Control


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Bob Rollings Lathe Psalm

Jan. 18, 2018

Society of Canadian Woodworkers

Web site for the SCW Here
Web site includes a chat forum.


Wig Stands

Ongoing project. Plans  (here)  Make one or a dozen. . .


Robin's Birds

Robin has graciously supplied instructions which can be found here