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Mortar and Pestle

Sample Mortar and Pestles for the President's Challenge

2019 Salon Results

Thanks to everyone who participated in the Salon.
We had an expansive variety of turned pieces, which made the judging very difficult. The President's Challenge table was filled with Bravery Bead Bowls. These lovely bowls will enrich the lives of many very special children. Well done!
The results of the Salon (and previous years) are here
Special thanks go out to our judges, Tom Fidgen from the Unplugged Workshop and Louise Bonnycastle.
Thanks also to Louise for the delicious homemade treats. Thanks Jack Gelber, Ron Smith, Will Rock, Colleen (The Prez), Franco, Robert
and to everyone that helped to make the 2019 Salon a great success.

And remember - its never to early to start thinking about next year's Salon

Fall President’s Challenge

the Presidents Challenge, which will be due at the September meeting is going to be a mortar and pestle. Richard Pikul was kind enough to do a bit of research and history – here are the links:
Mortar and pestle AND more Mortar and Pestle
This Presidents Challenge is open, you can use any wood, make it any size …. And hopefully you’re good enough chefs that you will be able to use this in your home – no give-aways this time, you get to take it home.

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The Woodturner's Workshop
Brian Clifford's woodturning resources

This site was built by Brian Clifford over many years and features many articles, plans and videos that are of interest to novice and advanced woodturners alike. Brian has decided to retire and was going to allow the site to lapse; however, the WGO has agreed to host it on his behalf to ensure this great resource continues to be available. Please have browse and enjoy it here

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Jan. 18, 2018

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Wig Stands

Ongoing project. Plans  (here)  Make one or a dozen. . .


Robin's Birds

Robin has graciously supplied instructions which can be found here