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President's Message

My friends,
It is only 3 weeks away from our annual Holiday meeting and I wanted to send this early reminder to prepare.

As usual Richard will host and adjudicate the Spin Top contest. I hope that more people will come prepared to challenge for the win. There were only a few entries last year.

We have typically brought in some special holiday treats to share with others. We are lucky that allergies do not seem to be an issue. I am looking forward to surprises.

Jogi, Brian and Victor will handle the coffee and water as always.

Brian will be doing a short demo on 'enhancements', like burning, that could be easy to do without much equipment.

There will be more detail to follow but I wanted to send this note out as the first note. I'm looking forward to seeing all of you there.

Thank you for your participation and support.

Jack Gelber

Skills Night was Thursday November 23, 2023

The Skills Night on Thursday 23 Nov was tailored to individual Woodturning needs and consisted of one-on-one clinics of approx 30 minutes per member covering topics such as The Skew and Bowl Turning.

Nov. 9th General Meeting featured David Bell demonstrating
How to Repair and Enhance Woodturnings with Epoxy

David covered the techniques that he employs in some of the unusual and unique pieces of defective woodturning blanks he comes across. David also covered the addition and enhancements that can be created with the use of epoxy and colour. David also covered the preparation of wood and mold making details that are used to create these pieces. In addition to this, David show cased some of the finished items he has produced.

Here are some samples of David's Work

alt alt alt
alt alt

Who is David Bell

David Bell
Elora, Ontario, Canada
519-820-3767 cell
Email dave@stickermetimbers.com

David Bell has been an avid Woodworking and Woodturning enthusiast for nearly 40 years. His experience and passion for wood has evolved into a desire to combine his knowledge of wood with other mixed mediums, which make his woodturning unique to the art and craft it has become.
David’s passion has been influenced through self-taught practice and hands on workshops with other well-known people in the woodturning field. David also belongs to a few woodturning guilds in the Southwestern Ontario region. David has been graciously passing on some of his knowledge to other Woodturners within Ontario and abroad. David’s teachings have been showcased in Newspaper Articles and was the AAW invited him as a special guest to the 2015 American Association Of Woodturners convention in Pittsburgh, USA.

David currently teaches his craft through invitations and special request groups, as well as hosting classes in his workshop.

David is a member of the Elora Fergus Studio Tour, which is runs the last weekend in September and the first weekend in October each year.

David is the President of the Waterloo Wellington Woodturners Guild located in Waterloo.

Skills Night October 26th

As discussed at the Thursday meeting, the next Skills Night on 26 October will be tailored to individual Woodturning needs and will consist of one-on-one clinics of approx 30 minutes per member.
To book your clinic please send an email to Michael Pinto at mikepinto@sympatico.ca with the following information:

  • Your Name
  • Your phone number
  • A brief description of the area in which you require guidance

Examples would be :
  • guidance as to how to use a particular tool
  • help with sharpening a particular tool
  • help with a project your would like to do or complete. This may be unfinished work, a picture of something you would like to turn or a proposed salon submission.
  • Use of materials such as resin, woodhardener etc
  • Texturing and Colouring

Once received we will assign a person to your clinic and advise a time slot. The person assigned to you may contact you before the meeting to learn more of your requirements and advise you of what tools/materials to bring to the meeting if any.

We will kick off the meeting with a quick approx 30 mins demonstration on making a snowman


October 12th Meeting featured Frank DiDomizio demonstrating the turning of Multi-Axis Vases

Here are some samples of Frank's Multi-Axis Vases

Multi-Axis Vases
Frank's Resume can be found at about Frank

Frank's work is featured at a number of galleries within Ontario. If you are interested please have a look at his website: here

Frank's documentation and his Youtube video may be found with following links
Steps 1-2-3
Steps 4-9
Step 7-8-9
Youtube Video

Additionally, peaceriverwoodturners has instructions from both Dennis Belcher and Frank (with thanks to Mark Gordon for finding this)

Sept. 28th was our annual Skills Night Sharpening session

Richard has made a drawing of a Gouge Stick Out Gaugea that he used in Thursday's demo
Bring, any or all of the following:

- If possible, bring your grinder and any grinding jigs you have, hope to have some experienced turners to help with your setup and how to sharpen your tools.
- Bring the one (or two) tool(s) that you have the most difficulty sharpening properly.
- Bring some carbide tools! Will include how to effectively use these if brought in.

- Description of different types of grinders and sharpening systems.
- How to setup a standard grinder.
- How to use different jigs for gouges and skew chisels.| - Sharpening instruction for;| spindle roughing gouge, bowl gouge, spindle gouge, parting tool(s), skew chisel, scrapers (including negative rake scrapers).
- How to effectively use each of the tools that are sharpened in the demo.

September 14th was the 1st meeting of the new season

Wyatt Walkem discussed and demonstrated turning/working with Burled wood


Burl before


and after

Who is Wyatt?

Wyatt graduated from Sheridan college Furniture craft and design program in 2014,
He opened up his own custom furniture and woodturning studio shortly after.
Wyatt has been a professional turner and demonstrator/ instructor since 2014, selling his work privately through commissions, art galleries, as well retail outlets.
In 2015 Wyatt acted as a studio assistant for Warren Carpenters turning class at the Arrowmont craft school in Tennessee.
Wyatt's turned work primarily consists of live edge bowls focusing on showcasing the grain of the wood, he also does custom traditional and specialized spindle turning.

turningtool.co.uk now hosted by WGO.ca

The Woodturner's Workshop
Brian Clifford's woodturning resources

This site was built by Brian Clifford over many years and features many articles, plans and videos that are of interest to novice and advanced woodturners alike. Brian has decided to retire and was going to allow the site to lapse; however, the WGO has agreed to host it on his behalf to ensure this great resource continues to be available. Please have browse and enjoy it here

For Sale: Rikon midi lathe

Dec. 27th
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Watch 1hr 50min "Richard Raffan on his career as a woodturner" on YouTube

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