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WGO Turner of the Month
Cam Burrows

Cam Burrows

Who is Cam Burrows

Cam has always been around wood and worked with it, mostly carving as a hobby when not working full time as a mechanic turned salesman!

When he moved to the outskirts of Stouffville, having a little bit more land and more time due to retirement, this allowed Cam to build a beautiful shop. Some of you may remember he was kind enough to do a shop tour and a follow-up tour when he completed a small addition to the existing shop.

After the shop was built, Cam purchased Hans Guilde’s shop equipment which gave him everything he needed including a very old and large cast lathe called a Union Graduate built in 1957.

Cam learned how to turn after taking a course with Frank Didomizio who is an excellent turner, and he highly recommends taking one of Frank’s courses. Cam has upgraded his Union Graduate lathe to a Oneway 24/36 and turns almost every day!

As he says “I enjoy working with reclaimed wood and getting a more natural look from my pieces”. Cam also has an amazing imagination, as you can see from some of his photos here, he thinks outside the box and actually puts the fun back in the incredible Bead Bowls he’s made for the Hospital for Sick Kids, as well as the wig stands for cancer project.

Cam has been turning in his shop now for about five years and he comments that he’s hoping to “start getting good!” – Well Cam, we think you’ve come along way, we love to see your amazing creations and the WGO is proud to have you as a member. Keep up the good work

Some of Cam's work (click on a picture to see a larger version)

Turned and carved Apples with an embellished bowl I like working with more natural wood and seeing what “pops” out when done Minion Bravery Beed Jar
These beehives are Bravery bead bowls I like making, each has 2 bowls in them A wig stand I recently made for a friend
I enjoy making these flowers and usually turn a vase from a split rail fence to go with it Turned carved and dyed a pine bowl, Pine is a pain to work with, but has amazing grain