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Turner of the Month
Debra Braun

Debra Braun


 Born and raised in London, UK, Debra has always had a keen eye and passion for art and design, and holds a degree in Art History from New York University. She came to woodworking later in life, after having raised five children, deciding to explore her creative side once more.

Perhaps inheriting familial genes from a long line of lumber merchants, wood has always held a fascination. Debra began woodturning mainly out of curiosity but it very quickly became a wonderful form of therapy after a child's traumatic illness.

It has been, and continues to be, an amazing process of discovery, both in terms of artistic creativity, as well as the inherent natural beauty and versatility of wood as a medium. Designs evolve organically as she works the wood and the integration of metals is her most recent area of focus.

What has become somewhat of a passion for Debra could possibly be a lifeline to others. An idea to set up woodturning therapy classes for those suffering from PTSD will hopefully one day come to fruition.

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Two bowls Two Peppermills Splindle Stool Top of Stool
Multi-colour laminate stool Top of Stool Hollow vessel Teapot
Two Hollow Forms Bowl from a Burl Decorated Cup Pierced Bowl