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Turner of the Month
Shawn Hermans

Shawn Hermans


Shawn’s passion for woodworking began as a young adult when trying to woo his then girlfriend by making her a coffee table. Thankfully it was decent enough and they have now been married for 20+ years.

Over those years Shawn has explored many different woodturning projects. Trying a few then moving onto the next.

Many of his Woodturning‘s have ended up as gifts for friends, family and with three kiddo’s at home, many gifts for teachers including ring holders, pens and small boxes. Shawn has demonstrated some of these projects at local woodturning guilds.

Shawn credits much of what he has learned through his peers at the Wood Turning Guild of Ontario (WGO). The monthly meetings have always been looked forward to where Shawn has served as WGO Librarian for a number of years.

In an effort to embellish his turnings, Shawn began exploring the world of carving. It was only during cottage vacations in the summer when Shawn would try his hand at carving… that is until he found spoon carving in the summer of 2019. Since then, its been spoons nonstop.
Shawn credits spooncarving as a saviour to his sanity as lockdown occurred in 2020 and 21. Over 100 spoons later, and a recent acquisition of a Oneway lathe this past Spring, Shawn is eagerly looking forward to combining his two passions of woodturning and spoon carving with hopes to make unique wooden spoons.

Shawn is excited to mention that he will be showing his work at the upcoming Art on the Fringe at Uxbridge Historical Museum on Sept 18 and 19th.

To see more of Shawn’s work please follow him on Instagram @Smiling_frog_wood_studio and www.woodgifts.ca. Some of Shawn’s works are also represented at the Preston Gallery in Uxbridge.

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Boxes Ring Holders Spoon with lake background